Top 10 Most Amazingly Dangerous Volcanoes

Humans have a very long history but there are many things which existed long before human came into existence. Volcanoes have been here long before the man was born. The earth is bestowed with 19 thousand volcanoes; among those 19 thousand, 90% volcanoes exist along the Pacific Ocean. There are volcanoes which exist beneath the ocean’s base; they are no threat to life, because if they erupt only steam will be seen above the sea water. But the rest of the volcanoes are a huge threat to the civilization. The explosion done by the volcanoes can be thousand times more dangerous than the nuclear explosion because when a volcano belches, not only lava but many fatal gases is blown out.

The centre of the earth is filled with magma, this liquid emits certain kind of waves which sometimes cause the tectonic plates to move, these movements of the plates or giant rock is the main cause of the production of the volcanoes. Sometimes when a volcano erupts, the eruption itself gives birth to another volcano. The lava is buried inside the mountain, so when the volcano erupts technically it is the mountain which burst due to the excessive heat and pressure. The volcanoes are positioned between huge rocks or tectonic plates.  There are two ways in which the a volcano can be made dormant; first is when a volcano erupts, the explosion itself must the so powerful that it smashes the mountain; second way to dismantle a volcano is when the plates changes its position, the hotspot of the volcano moves which will automatically make a volcano dormant but this process can take millions of years.

There are many amazing volcanoes present on the globe; the top ten most amazing volcanoes are:

10. MOUNT YASUR, Indonesia:

Mount Yasur is parked on the Tanna Island, near Indonesia. Its altitude is 361 meter over the sea level. This mountain was a very sacred place in the past and still is. The history of this mountain is quite clean as no destructive eruptions have been recorded in the history. Its eruption begun approximately 800 years ago and is still in process; it is seen to erupt a couple of times in every hour.


The land of Alaska is slanted with 130 volcanoes; 90 of which are highly active and are predicted to erupt again in the distinct future. This is red zone area for the jets and planes as the gases or the temperature can cause the failure of the engines. Mount Redoubt, one of the most active of the Alaska’s volcanoes has had the history’s 2nd most exorbitant explosion in 1912. Mount spurs provided the history with 3 most catastrophic eruptions. The explosion of mount Novarupta and mount Katmai in 1912 was the largest eruption on earth in the 20th century. Eruption of the volcanoes of Alaska were started in 1760; the volcanoes still erupt at a rate of two eruption per year.

8. MOUNT PELEE, Carribean:

Mount Pelee is present in Martinique near the Caribbean Sea; the volcano present in the mountain is inactive. Its first recorded eruption was in the year 1902 which was the cause of a massive destruction; the cataclysm killed nearly three thousand inhabitants leaving only three survivors. Its second explosion was in the year 1929, no deaths occurred. The volcano has been calm since then and is showing no signs of eruption.

7.  KRAKATOA, Indonesia:

This volcano is present in Indonesia; squeezed between the Java and Sumatra Island. This volcano is connected to legend; the event took place in 416/535 A.D, it is the story of a very dark night replete with thunders, storm and heavy rain. This went on for a very long time and then suddenly the night went quite when fire emerged from the sky and spitted the mount java and Sumatra; a massive layer of ocean came and took the entire island in its embrace.  Kraktoa volcano emerged on the globe as the aftermath of this episode. This volcano has very devastating past, its eruption in the year 1883 followed by tsunami cost above 35 thousand lives. Its explosion was the loudest sound ever heard in the history.

6. MOUNT ETNA, Italy:

Mount Etna is stationed near Sicily; the biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea. This mountain holds a very extensive value in the Greek mythology. Its history is very deep as its first eruption was half a million year ago. It has been blowing out from the past 35,000 to 15,000 years; the ashes of the explosion are found as far Rome. An eruption in Mount Etna occurred 8 thousand years ago which triggered a huge wave a Tsunami, bring the land below the sea level which today is known as Israel. A fiasco was brought by its eruption in 122 B.C. one of its eruption lasted 473 days (1991-1993) and its has been erupting every now and then violently. Mount Etna has erupted 12 times in the year 2011 alone and its latest eruption was on 6 October 2012.


Popocatepetl is found to have second highest altitude on the land of Mexico; it is 730,000 years old and very active as it has been lethargic since 50 years, smokes has been emitting since 1993. It has had 15 major break outs since 1519; the most vital in 1947 which was the largest display of explosion in 1200 years. Its latest eruption was in December 2005, followed by two more on 25th February 2012 and 19 April 2012.


Mount Vesuvius is placed in Italy, Europe. Three million peoples are settled around this volcano and since 79 A.D it has erupted above 50 times.  This volcano has wiped out the city of Pompeii and Herculaneum through its eruption. Earlier this volcano erupted after every hundred years then went dormant for 600 years in 1037 and erupted again, the explosion cost several thousand lives. Its most mesmerizing eruption was in 1800 B.C. the volcano is very active as it has been rising for many years and is likely to erupt again.

3. MOUNT FUJI, Japan:

Mount Fuji is one of the most amazing volcanoes of the world. It is parked near the metropolitan city of Tokyo in Japan. It has been dormant for centuries and its last eruption was witnessed in 1708.


The volcano at the Yellowstone National Park at Wyoming in the state of U.S near the Pacific Ocean is the among the world’s largest volcanoes. Its first eruption was 600,000 years ago, followed by another explosion 2.1 million years ago whose lava went as far as 588 cubic centimeter, then another 1.3 million years ago whose effects were felt across an area of 67 cubic centimeter. World’s largest volcano is showing every sign of bursting again; it has been rising 3 inches per year since 1923


Mauna Loa, the charm of the most famous holiday spot of the world is the world’s most amazing volcano. It covers half of the island of Hawaii. Its first eruption was 1,000,000 to 7,000,000 years ago and its last eruption was witnessed in 1984. It is showing no possible signs on eruption and is likely to go dormant in the next million years or so as the earth’s plates are moving and is soon going to leave the hotspot of Hawaii.

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