Top 10 Mayan Calender Predictions

Four thousand years ago when the foundation of the civilization was laid, when Adam was sent and he started the human civilization, some of the moors and folks sailed to the land which was later discovered as America. The ascendants of the land of America were what we today known as the Aztec and Mayan. They have been living there since forever and had no notion of the outer world. They were the inhabitants of Yucatan Peninsula territory.  They lived a very rural and brutal life; they sacrificed their own men and blood only to please their God, they had no particular religion, for them the God existed in the sky, moon, sun and the nature.

Mayan were the masters of astronomy; Mayan or Maya civilization were agriculturist, they needed a perfect notion regarding the rising and slumber of the sun so that they could grow their vegetation’s  Although they had no wisdom but they had brains; they were masters of mathematics and science and on the basis of the mathematics and science, they prepared entire tables which comprehended all activities which were to take place in the space between the stars and planets as well as the earth. The calculations they made were only till 21st December 2012 because the nation was devastated and they couldn’t continue their research. One reason of the their downfall was because of a disease named “measles”; in Asia and Europe this is a daily basis thing therefore the body has the immunity to block the deadly effect but the Mayan people could not live through it. The rest of the folks who survived the disease settled in Mexico and become the Victims of the Spanish. After some time the folks acquired the independence from the Spanish and today they exist as the state of Mexico.

The Mayan civilization was completely ruined but what lived on were the predictions which they made on the basis of their calculations. The top ten predictions were:


The massive catastrophe under which Japan went in 11th of March 2011 was predicted by the Mayan long ago. They mentioned some changes which the earth’s plate will undergo and they also predicted the date of the shifts in the earth’s plates. An earthquake of magnitude 8.9 followed by a tsunami was witnessed on the exact same date as predicted by the Mayan centuries ago.


A complete solar eclipse was observed at earth on 11th of august 1999. The eclipse was seen over the Atlantic Ocean first then came toward England. This eclipse was of very vital importance as for astronomical and fortune telling. It was the start of a new era for many religions. This solar eclipse was among the predictions which were made by the Mayans.



The biggest disaster the American nation ever witnessed was that of 9/11, in which the entire world trade centre was turned into ashes within few minutes. This event changed the face of America; no one ever considered the possibility of such an attack but the Mayans along ago predicted this event, “Great steel birds will fall from the sky and end the great city to the north”. Mayans knew the art of not only science but the art of manipulating the spirits.


The civilization of Aztec and Mayan existed side by side in the Yucatan peninsula. The Aztecs had strong military forces and they believed in wars but the Mayans were rural people who lived on their agriculture. The Aztecs were somewhat superior and more capable; they had more knowledge than the Mayan. Mayans were the masters of black magic and stuff like that and they predicted the downfall of the Aztec which turned out to be true.



The Mayans predicted the discovery of a Planet; they gave some hints regarding that planet saying it would be a dark sphere of energy and that it would go around the sun in an orbit of 750 thousand years. The planet was discovered later by the modern scientists and was given the name “Nibiru”.



The Mayan predicted the existence of the black hole in the galaxy; they referred to the hole as “HUNAB KU”. The esteemed the “hunab ko” and considered it to be prominent creator. The black hole was discovered by the scientists later and is positioned at the centre of Milky Way.


The predictions done by the Mayan regarding 2012 has been completely mistaken. First of all there is no such thing as that the world will end in 2012. The thing is that unfortunately the Mayan Calendar has the calculations only till the 21st December because they civilization itself was coming to an end and they couldn’t make any progress. There is no such thing in Mayan calendar that the world will end on 21st December 2012 only because the calendar has calculations till the 21st of December 2012. The calendar says that the earth will go under some massive climatic changes in the Winter solstice 2012, which may lead to some tsunami or storms; there are predictions that the earth will go under an cataclysms but they are prediction, mere ideas not some philosophy.


One of the biggest predictions of the Mayan is that a comet (A lightening ball) will appear in the galaxy will shoot towards the earth; its trajectory will be a threat to the human beings. No such comet has been seen up till now but it is among the seven vital prophecies of the Mayan.


A phosphorescent will be directed to the earth from the centre of the galaxy. When this light will be subjected to the earth, it will synchronize the human form and they will have a new spiritual form. They limit which exists between the material and the spiritual world will be abandoned. This prophecy was subject to the years from 1999 to 2002, but no such thing happened. There is only one limit which exists between the material and spiritual world, only one barrier is present and it is death.



In the year 1492 A.D, a Spanish sailor named Christopher Columbus began a voyage in quest of finding a route to Japan, after some time he did saw the land of Japan and landed there only to find that this is not the land of Japan but America. The natives living there were very rural and had no idea about the other world; for them the world is where they live. When the Spanish arrived there, the natives confused them with gods as the natives had a prophecy saying that the gods are about to arrive at their land. Out of esteem the natives bestowed the Spanish with gold, jewels and many rare ornaments. When the Spanish returned to their land with so much wealth, the Queen was very happy and instantly ordered to raid the natives and acquire all the gold and wealth. The Mayan prediction was as such that some men would eventually arrive at their land with white beards and horses, they confused them with gods. The prediction did come true but it resulted in their fiasco.


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