Top 10 Most Interesting Stories on Ripley’s Believe it or Not

If you are reading this then i can assume you grew up watching fascinating stories and facts on your favourite reality show of then, Ripley’s Believe it or Not. That was the first reality series that was spine-chilling as much as it was amusing and amazing. Who would have known that such things and people existed in this world if it wasn’t for the host Dean Caine who took us in to a trip to the amazing world of Ripley and the infamous Vault of Robert Ripley. It is hard to keep track of every interesting and strangest stories covered by the show but we narrowed them down to the most interesting stories in last few years since 2010 that gave us goosebumps. Here, is the Top 10 list of interesting Ripley’s stories since 2010.

10. Women drives with dead body for 10 months

A California woman of 57-years of age was found by police with a carcass of a women dead for last 10 months in her car. She said that she had allowed the poor homeless lady to sleep in her car when she passed away all of a sudden. Afraid to go to the authorities she did not knew what to do and drove with the body for last 10 months. The body was found in the car beside the bag of baking soda to keep the smell away.

9. Man shot in head finds out five years later

A Polish man living in Germany finds out about being shot in the head after 5 years of the incident. Doctors discovered a .22 caliber bullet in the head of 35 year old when he decided to get his lump on the back of his head checked. Man recalls he had received a blow on his head at a party in New-York back in 2005 but he was very drunk to remember anything else. He had a sore head but wasn’t the type to go the hospital back then. The spokesperson said that the shot might have been fired in the air before it went in his on his way down. Doctors have removed the 5.66mm projectile.

8. Counting dog

A dog name Issac,  5-year old golden retriever can add, subtract, divide, multiply and even do square roots. His owner said that he gave the dog 20 minutes math lessons since it was a puppy and now due to its growing interest has become a genius canine. Isaac even helps his owner’s 6-year old with his arithmetic homework. Now thats real best friend.

7. Handy Hearing

Stelarc is and Australian artist who spent 10-years looking for a surgeon who would give an ear transplant… his arm. Yes, the implant will be fitted with a microphone and a transmitter so everyone can listen what his arm is hearing. He has perfect hearing ability already and he claims he is doing this to serve as an acoustic device for people. Hopefully that ear can come in handy for us someday in a lady Gaga concert maybe.

6. Bearded Woman Finds Her Son

Vivian Wheeler worked as a sideshow bearded lady throughout her life. She suffers from hypertrichosis like her mother which is also known as warewolf syndrome. She was born a hermophrodite, with both male and female reproductive organs but her mother wanted a daughter so she had the doctors remove the male parts. Her condition caused her to have facial hair even as a child thus her father opted to making money out of her by making her work in sideshows since early age. Although she was told by the doctor she could never have children, she gave birth to a baby boy who was soon taken away by his father and ended up as an orphan in foster care. After 33-years, Richard Lorenc started his search for his biological mother and finally found success reuniting him with his mother.

5. The Giant Fur Ball, Ripley The Dog

A neglected poodle was rescued in Houma, Loiusiana which was covered in its huge ball of fur so badly that is could not even walk. He was later given the name Ripley by a vet because believe it or not there was a living breathing dog under such hug ball of fur that he did not even look like a dog. Now shaved off and on his way to adoption this poodle finally looks normal and the shelter is hoping to find a good home for this poor animal. This was one of the most amazing stories covered by Ripley’s and the show is donating $400 to the dog rescue also raising money for this poodle’s new home.

4. Monkey Delivery

In 1997, while attempting to parachute into Sumatra crashed into the forest and was suspended in the trees for 12 days. The only way he survided during these times were eating the fruits that were brought to him by a monkey.

3. Cat predicts death

In a nursing home in Rhode Island, a cat named Oscar is renowned for predicting deaths. Scientist Dr. Dosa is writing a book where he claims that Oscar can predict deaths and has already made predictions of over 50 deaths in the facility. The cat is seen curling up with them just before they die. It is believed the cat ‘smells’ death. detecting odors released by the body as it is near its demise.

2. Indian Man With an Extra Large Family

Ziona Chana now 66-years old has a massive family of 181 member. With 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren all living under the same roof in a four storied house with 100 rooms. He claims to have married 10 wives in one year at one point. The family is supported by their own resources and occassionally takes donations from followers. Ziona says he is still willing to extend his family and open for marriage.

1. Beaver Saviour

In 1938 a strangest thing happened in Stony Point, New York. About 60 beaver colonies fouth back rampaging flood waters building dams which measured up to 600 feet long and 14 fee wide. They successfully saved major highways, bridges and hunderds of acres of valuable land.  Beavers have been known to make dams about more than 2,000 feet long. Talk about Dam Beaver Fever.


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