Top 10 Funny Food Challenges, Contests and Games

Sometime eating is not much enough for the foods. Well to serve the line of the purpose we, the people always come up with several open challenges and contests which are made to get a new interest towards food or just say to have fun. These challenges either if you win makes you feel too proud or else if you lose it makes you to try again for the win but it never lets you go down. So if you think that you are the one for this than just go for it. People say it’s good to have an healthy appetite but there is a new wave of competitive eating throughout the world.

So here are some of the craziest and the weirdest of the food challenges for you brought by in the form of top 10 craziest food challenges:

10)      Milk chugging challenge

This is a challenge done throughout the world. We are the only mammels who drink milk after our birth and thereafter. So if you are ready to gain some calcium and energy then join this gallons of milk drinking challenge.  Now this is a challenge where you can get lots and lots of protein.The record of milk drinking challenge is 1.5 kg of milk in 10 seconds.

9)      Hot Dog eating challenge

Hot dog is basically a sausage served in a slice of bun. This challenge is considered as the mother of all challenges, it is approximately attended by more than 40,000 of people and watched by millions. It is also forecasted on ESPN. This contest has a limited time of 10 minutes and the contestant has to eat as much of hot dogs as they can. so are you ready for this complete stomach filling challenge . The record of this challenge is 54 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

8)      Rib-Mania Eating challenge

Well at number 8, in our list it is the Rib- Mania Eating challenge. It is an annual challenge held in Chicago. It draws a huge crowd for watching chewed baby back rib, this is a nasty challenge. The record for this challenge is 10 pounds of ribs. Now if are are too strong in chewing the meat then it’s all for you to try. The winner of this challenge is given $2500.

7)      Oyster Eating challenge

Oyster is commonly named as a group of bivalve molluscs.Oyster is a aquatic habitat which are small and jelly type. This challenge seems to be easy than all the other eating challenges but it is not so. Here you have to eat more than 20 dozens of oyster under 10 minutes. guys if you have the guts to eat even without your will then it is surely for you. The time limit for this challenge is 8 minutes and the record of this is 29 dozen in 8 minutes. The winner of this challenge is given $1750.

6)      Pierpont pepperoni-Roll challenge

Pepperoni roll is a snack most popular in west Virginia, it is a fairy soft white yeast bread roll with baked pepperoni in the middle.This is a meat wrapped hot dog. These are small size snacks which are too delicious. This challenge is held in west Virginia as it is the specialised place for pepperoni-Roll. It sounds too delicious and is only for you. It has a time challenge of 10 minutes, the record for this challenge is 31 pepperoni-Roll in 10 minutes. The winner of this challenge is given $2000.

5)      Cheesesteak eating challenge

Cheesesteak is a sandwich which is made from thin sliced pieces of steaks and melted cheese in a long roll. It is basically called as Philly cheesesteak.This challenge is held in Allentown every year. The most ambitious eaters are made for this challenge and the one with the maximum quantity wins. This challenge is with six inches cheesesteak and its time limit is 10 minutes. The record for this challenge is 23 cheesesteaks in 10 minutes. The winner of this challenge is given $1500.

4)      Jalapeno Eating challenge

Jalapeno is basically the medium size of the chilly pepper, it is around 2- 3 inches in size and consumed when it is green. this challenge is also named as “Feel the heat ”. This challenge is organised in San Antonio.Just have the guts to get your mouth red hot. People all over the world come to attend this fiery challenge. It has the time challenge of 8 minutes and who eats the more wins. The record for this challenge is 275 jalapenos in 8 minutes. The winner of this challenge is given $3000.

3)      Sweet Corn-Eating challenge

This is a stunning challenge which may require the most strength in the jaw’s as compared to any of the other challenges. This challenge is basically held in the summer seasons. It is a 12 minutes challenge where one has to eat the maximum number of corns. The record of this challenge is 46 ears of corn.

2)      Wing bowl challenge

This contest is named as philadelphia wing bowl contest, it is a delicious snack which is liked by most people. The winner of this contest is provided with $20000 and a dodge dam truck. This contest is held in philadelphia. The record for this contest is 255 wings.

1)      Hamburger challenge

This is a contest which is held at several places now a days, this contest is considered as the best among all because it has no limit. Yes, you read it true, all the contestant are given a time of 8 minutes and the one who eats as many hamburgers at the end is taken as the winner.  Until now the record is 73 hamburgers in 8 minutes. The winner of this challenge is given $20000.

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