Top 10 Famous Self Written Biographies

An Autobiography, memoirs is the description of the story of whole life of an individual right from their childhood to the facts, mistakes, successes, unveiled truths and lies. Here are some ‘one of their kinds’ stories of the famous leaders, politicians, actors, legends, poets and authors who shared their lives with the whole world.


As the title suggests, it is the autobiography of another legend, a kung fu star JACKIE CHAN. It was published in august 1998 just after the release of his blockbuster movie ‘rush hour’. The memoirs are based on the whole story of his life right from the childhood to the huge success he grabbed all the years till now. The star was born on 7th august 1954 in Hong Kong; he is an actor, an action choreographer, entrepreneur, singer, a director, and producer. The stunt performer revealed that the biography was wholly dedicated to his parents.


The Generation in which deaf and blind people were considered to be the burden on earth with no resources to make their life a bit easier .Being a women, she changed the vision of the world despite of so many difficulties. HELEN ADAMS KELLER was an author, political activist and a lecturer .She wrote her autobiography that showcased her development about the language while she was studying in the college only. During her college, she developed a  strong  interest   in  wonder’s right  and became a campaigner in  favor  of universal suffrage .Keller joined  the Socialist Party of America and campaigned for  Eugene Debs. An Oscar – winning feature film in 1962, starring Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke , appeared two  years later that depicted her childhood education .


MOONWALK is an autobiography written by the ‘KING OF POP’ himself. The author is an extremely talented American artist ‘MICHAEL JACKSON’. The title of his manuscript is taken from his amazing signature dance step that contributed in making him heart throbbing star of the century. Biography that stated about his success and downfalls that started from JACKSON 5, family band to the movies and becoming the legend. The book was first in print in 1985, five months after the release of Jackson’s new album BAD.  In early 1980’s, Jackson became a governing figure in popular music.   His outstanding album ‘THRILLER’ in 1983 is one of the best selling music albums of all the times. In 1984, Jackson won a record breaking 8 Grammy awards in one night for ‘THRILLER’.


It was published after a year of death of the writer, Released in Paris at March 1791. The book reveals the fact of his life in Philadelphia as well as his observations on literature , philosophy and religion of America’s colonial and revolution periods .The autobiography of the leading author, publisher, inventor, scientist and the philosopher. The man made experiments on Lightening and electricity who is one and only ‘THE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN’. The founding fathers of United states was born on April 17, 1790. His story of life was considered to be the greatest of all produced in colonial America.


The Three Autobiographies written in only two year period that created history by this author. He expressed the whole story by  the actual letters, speeches and his conversations .The 16th president  of  the United States ABRAHAM LINCOLN, serving from March 1861 until  his assassination in April 1865. The sharp military strategist and a savvy leader who became the part of the costliest conflict ever fought on the American soil. But what stunned the world that time was Lincoln’s untimely death that made a martyr to cause of liberty and union of whole continent. Over the years, his mythic stature only grown and he is widely regarded as one of the greatest presidents of the nation’s history.


The Autobiographical work by powerful leader of the world living on Earth .THE book beautifully describes his childhood life, his struggle toward the rights, coming of age, education and the time he spent imprisoned. The African leader ‘NELSON MANDELA’ the author of this manuscript is one of the grand model and political leaders. An international hero whose lifelong keenness to the fight against racial oppression in South Africa made him won ‘THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE’ and the presidency of his country. Mandela has been at the center of the most compelling and rousing political drama in the world. His hard work for his country paid him off by winning 250 awards in four decades and winning the hearts of people across the globe.


First published in 1936, was written by an imprisoned leader from June 1934 to February 1935. It’s a book revealing the personal story of an individual, his struggle of freedom from British rule and Reshaping India into a modern society by getting rid of the cultural and economic shackles of the past. The first prime minister of India JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU is the writer of his memoirs ‘toward freedom’. Jawahar lal Nehru was born in 14th November in 1889 in Allahabad that time’s British India. His father Motilal Nehru served twice as the president of the Indian national Congress. The autobiography enlightened the minds and his only motto was to shape his country as the secular, modern and democratic state.


The renowned memoirs released in 1991 and described the life of the spiritual leader who was forced to leave his country. The spiritual leader is none other than his holiness 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso. Born on 6th July 1935 in an ordinary Tibetan home, was recognized to be the reincarnation of previous 13 Dalai lamas at the age of 2 based on the previous discoveries of spiritual and political leaders of Tibet. He received Nobel peace prize in 1987. His first autobiography was released in 1962 which was ‘MY LAND MY PEOPLE’ that covered only the small section of what is written in new version ‘FREEDOM IN EXILE’. In story of his life, he criticized independently “The communism” in Tibet, his exile from china and how his life went in freedom after living in India.


On whom all the citizen’s of India are Proud, the Father of our nation showcased his whole life in this book right from his childhood through to 1921.The book that was released in installments in the renowned journal NAVJIVAN in 1926 to 1929. He got Educated from University College of London with the degree of law. He became one of the most respected spiritual and political leaders of his time. Gandhi helped   the Indian people to get free from the British rule through non-violence and Satyagraha.


Mein Kampf by the English translation means ‘my struggle or my battle’. Comprised of two volumes of which volume 1 is ‘A Reckoning’ and volume 2 is ‘The national socialist movement’ that were released in 1925 and 1926 respectively. Based on the political theory. THE book is written by the chancellor of Germany and so-called Nazi leader ‘Adolf Hitler’ .Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April 1889 in the small Austrian town of Braunau near the German border. In his works, he writes “the destruction of weak and sick is more humane than their protection” that shows his stubborn and cruel behavior towards the poor. He has also expressed his hatred for what he believed to be the two Evil’s of the world-communism and Judaism. The success of this book just made history by making Adolf Hitler as the ‘best seller of all times’.


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