Top 10 Famous Food Myths, Trust us they aren’t True

In this we are presenting some of the major misconceptions that people usually have about food. These myths are free from all the chaos. Now from this list we will throw a light on some of the most common myths known to us.

10Fat Free – Lose Weight

The Myth: Fat free items contain no amount of calories.

Food that is free from fat is a calorie free food is one of the most common myths. Now days most of the items in the market are tagged to be “fat free”, “low in fat”, “fat reduced” etc so that people think that there will be no fats and no calories will be gained so most of the people gets attracted towards these items who wanted to loose their weight. The major thing to reduce weight is to eat lesser calories that your body can burn in a day. So eating fat free food in excess can also be dangerous because fat free doesn’t mean it has zero calories rather it means it has less calories compare to normal food. So people in their misunderstanding eat more and more of low fat food then they would have eaten the normal full fat food. When the food is made free from fat at the same time it losses it taste and flavour so to regain that other chemicals are added in the ingredients of the food to make it taste better. So it is advised to eat normal full fat food as compare to fat free food that can make the situation worse.

9) Eat Salad

The Myth: junk food salads are considered to be healthy.

As a result of certain researches it reports that eating fast food salads are not considered as a healthy option. Most of the people who want to loose their weight think that ordering salad when they are out is a good option. But the reality is that salad sold anywhere in the market has more content of fats and calories as compare to the normal food made at home. So for the dieters who prefer eating salad and healthy options from the menu is not a good decision because it is more harmful than the food made at home.

8 Protein Power

The Myth: abundant amount of proteins are required for good muscles growth. 

When trying to gain muscle, you should eat copious amounts of protein

In Taking excess of proteins as compare to normal requirement of a body for the better growth of muscles is also a myth in the food world. For the people of every age group whether they want to increase, decrease, or maintain their original weight consumption of 10 to 35% of proteins is must. According to various studies performed by different scientists it has been proved that consumption of extra quantity of protein is not beneficial for any type of muscles growth. Its has also been proved that taking over dose of proteins makes a negative impact on a body.

7 Fresh Fruit Is Best

The Myth: fresh fruits are much better for health as compared to dried fruits.

Fresh fruits are better only for one reason and that is vitamin ‘c’. So fresh fruits are better as compared to dried or frozen fruit is also considered to be a myth. If we ignore the content of vitamin ‘c’ then the dried and frozen fruits contain equal amount of nutrients as present in fresh fruits. The amount of sugar that is responsible for energy is also present in equivalent amount in fresh as well as dried and frozen fruits. According to researches it is proved that one should eat 5 fresh fruits each day. And each fresh fruit is equivalent to one tablespoon of dried fruits so 5 tablespoon of dried fruit works similar as 5 fresh fruits. And if you want to have fruit juice then one glass of juice is sufficient for a day.

6 Six small Meals Are preferred Than Three large meals

The Myth: six small meals should be preferred over three bigger meals.

 One should have some self control on your eating habits then only this point can be valid. You should be capable of controlling the conversion from six small meals into six large meals. Calories consumed each day should be reduced this is the main thing which you should follow. You should take care of one thing that the fat and calories eaten in six meals should be equivalent or less then three large meals so that calories can be easily burn each day without causing increase in the weight.

5. Celery Contains negligible content of calories

The Myth :stick of celery contains more calories as compare to celery itself making it calorie free food.

This is a misconception of the people that this food has calorie free content. According to people this food consumes the calories present in their body but according to the research this is not correct. A single stick of this food contains at an average of  six calories. People think that the food is calorie free and on contrary the single stick of this food contains calorie. But the fact is that the food that it is not involved in the process of negative calories.

4. Decaf contains no Caffeine

The Myth:decaffeinated coffee has zero percent of caffeine.

According to people there is zero percent of caffeine is present in decaffeinated coffee. They think that once the coffe is being decaffeinated the caffeine content always comes to zero in the product. But this is not true according to the research, which says that decaffeination only removes 97 percent of the  caffeine content from the product and so it cannot be considered as a caffeine free product as after decaffeination also 3 percent of the caffeine content is still there in it

3.Starv Carving madness

The Myth: feeling hungry means deficiency of any nutrient in the body.

When you are feeling hungry it means that your body is in the need of something. It can be anything like fruits, juices, vegetables etc. It also signifies that your body is lacking some nutrients. But some researches proved it wrong. They say when you are feeling hungry for something it means you are feeling emotionally for it and certain memories are attached to it. It doesn’t mean that there is a deficiency of something. Scientist proved that the hunger of something can be fulfilled by its taste and flavour and not by its nutrients and vitamins.

2.Salt Increase the pressure of blood

 The Myth:large quantity of salt can cause increase in the pressure of blood.

This myth was first generated in the year 1940 by a professor who reduces the content of salt in the body of the patient to cure him from high blood pressure. According to science a person should not reduce its salt content if the blood pressure of the body is normal. But if a person is already suffering from the problem of high blood pressure that he or she must be bit careful towards the content of salt in food. If you are suffering from high blood pressure then you should follow one of the two cases that is you should either reduce the amount of salt or you should increase the content of potassium in your food. White potatoes, broccoli, spinach, bananas are some of the items that contains potassium in large quantity.

1.Junk food is not good

The Myth:junk food is not good for health.

Consuming anything in excess can be dangerous. So it is wisely said that “everything in control”. That means surplus amount of junk food is very unhealthy for the body. Eating home made food in control is much better then eating junk food in control manner. Self control is the main key for a healthy body. Continuous eating of junk food is quite unhealthy.


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