Top 10 Deadliest Mass Murders in the World

Many of you will agree with me that our brain is one of the best gifts given by God to us. But then it is the same brain that makes us do weird and strange things also… still many shades of our personality remain a mystery to science and its practical theses. Where many strange behavioral characteristics have resulted in discoveries, explorations  and overall human development, there are few traits that have only resulted in losses to the humanity. These traits so far have been mostly found in the serial killers and the pattern of killing adopted by them. Go ahead and read some shocking stories that will make you wonder how deadly can our brain become.

10. “Finland… Count : 22-25”

Matti Haapoja was a Finnish murderer, started her career as a brawler, graduating steadily to steeling horses. During his 10 years of stay at the prison he managed to escape out 4 times for long intervals. He invited people for a drink, spent some good time with them and then performed his act. He hanged himself in the cell when his attempt to escape for the 7th time  failed.

9.    “Norway… Count :135-138”

Now, this can be a real strange example of human psychology. Arnfinn Neseet worked as a head-nurse at a nursing home.  He peculiarly gave his patients a muscle relaxing drug that poisoned their body leading to fatal deaths. He was sentenced for 21 years as that is the maximum punishable time frame allowed by the Norway government. Even strange being that he was released after 12 years only on basis of improved behavior and is living at an undisclosed location with a new name. Well how knows he may be dwelling in an apartment next to you!!!

8.  “Australia … Count : 5”

Kathleen Folbigg is an Australian serial child killer. She was convicted of killing her 3 infant children and man slaughtering one child aged 19 years on the records. Her crime was discovered only after 10 long years when her husband found the details written inside her personal diary. She still maintains her innocence stating that her infants had a natural death. Strangely, Folbigg’s father had stabbed her mother 24 times, and her foster parents treated her as another added slave in their family. Clearly emphasizing on how important good parenting is.

7.  “France…. Count: 21-25 “

Thierry Paulin was active during 1980s. A drug addict & alcoholic, he led a rich & spoilt life of a teen. Again, he was made to live with his step brothers and sisters where his first incidents of violence were reported.  In this case also he did not receive any attention from his parents and was left on his own. His first murder of was that of an 60 years old women whom he cut apart brutally with a sharp knife to snatch groceries from her. From that day he reported followed a pattern of killing only aged and old people to fulfill his  needs. He died at an early age of 24 years due to AIDS when he was sentenced to death in the jail.

6. “Russia…. Count : 53-56”

Anderi Chikatilo was a soviet serial killer who committed murder of minimum 52 women and children during 1978 and 1990. He was a graduate in English from the Rostov University. It was his unsatisfied wife that led him to commit his first crime of raping a 9 year old girl. As he could not ejaculate, out of frustration he stabbed her on her abdomen thrice.   This urge to prove himself led him to kill women and children brutally without any knife and only using his teeth or nails. He was convicted in the year 1994 and hanged to death. An interesting fact here to note is that his blood group (A) did not match the blood group of his saliva and semen(AB), this created a lot of confusion and trouble for the police troops who could not gather enough evidences to arrest him. Later, in a forensic lab research it was discovered that few people are born with this rare syndrome.

5. India…Count: 931

Thug Behram, one of the most prolific killers of the world was from India. He was believed to have murdered more than 931 people with just a simple ceremonial cloth (the rumal). Behram used his cummerbund as a rumal to execute his killings, with a large pendant added onto it. His art of work was in the way he wrapped the rumal around his victim’s neck, positioning the pendant exactly over the Adam’s apple to scum him down due to suffocation.  He said there was no important reason for what he did and why. He was sentenced in the year 1840 by hanging.

4. “Germany….Count: 15-20”

Tim K, a graduate from Albertville School enters the same school one early morning with a gun in his hand, probably taken from his father’s bedroom as he was a member in a gun club. He then starts firing randomly inside class rooms killing almost 10 innocent children in a surprise event; many of whose dead bodies were found to be still holding their pens and books. He runs towards the next floor and continues dropping his bullets and shooting here and there randomly. When police arrived, he was found running away from the school. After much deliberation, police confirmed that he committed suicide by shooting himself on his head- body not found, proof not yet given.

3. “China….Count:65-67”

Yang Lui from china confessed to committing 65 murders & 23 rapes between 1999 and 2003. His primary motive to do such a bizarre act was only to go against the society, who (according to him) did not treat him well. He was ill treated by his girlfriend after she heard the news about his bad acts and decided to abandon him. Media reports later claimed that his main motive towards all this was just mere enjoyment. Read what he said to the media – “When I killed people I had a desire. This inspired me to kill more. I don’t care whether they deserve to live or not. It is none of my concern…I have no desire to be part of society. Society is not my concern.”  Strange people with strange mind sets!!.

2. “Japan…..Count: 5”

Hiroshi Maeue aka “Suicide Website Murderer” was a Japanese serial killer, who lured his victims via the net and killed three people in 2005. He was convicted of killing a 14-year-old boy, a 25-year-old woman, and a 21-year-old man, all of whom were members of an online suicide club. He lured his victims by suggesting they meet and end their lives together by committing suicide via a charcoal burner in a sealed car. He would then turn down his offer and strangle them with his bare hands. This brought him sexual pleasure, and he later claimed he developed his desire to kill this way after reading of similar events in a mystery novel as a child. All three of his victims were killed within a span of four months.


James Holmes, 24, allegedly broke into a midnight premiere of “The Dark Knigh Rises” in Aurora, Colo., killing 12 people and injuring roughly 60 more. Later, police revealed that Holmes, a doctoral student in neuroscience, spent $20,000 on ammunition and weapons.

Well, my intention was not to scare you but to make you understand that how human brain has started to lose its morals and values. If the above example mentions extreme case scenarios, there are many small examples we can see around us in our daily lives. Giving bribe, cheating, turning violent on pity issues, arguing for no reason, and more examples are sign of mental instability which if not rectified now, many lead to disastrous results later on. Think twice before you speak and 4 times before you act.

Happy living cya.


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