Top 10 Common Problems Faced by Teens

As we grow up we experience different things at various points of our lives. Our hobbies, our view point towards life, our experiences depends on our age. As we a child we love the company of other children because their needs, their thoughts are same as ours. Same goes with different age groups be it teenage, adulthood or old age. We face different problems as well according to our age group. There comes a time when you are confused about so many things at once that age can be called Teenage. It’s probably the most bizarre age of your life. You wait for it to hit you soon and then you are all confused what’s going on as you face so many changes within you and your surroundings. Well, teenage is about good things also. If you understand your problems and can face them bravely, it’s the best phase of your life. So, firstly you need to identify the problems in order to search for the solution. Though you are already surrounded by the problems it’s often difficult to notice them. Here we are listing the top ten common problems faced by teenagers now-a-days. Here we go:

10. Acne


It may seem to be small. But indeed it is one of the problems faced by teenagers. Their body face several changes due to hormonal changes which lead to these acne’s. But this is takes far too seriously by teenagers. It is also seen that they deny moving out of their houses if they have an acne on their face overnight. It must be understood that there’s nothing so bizarre about it and these changes are not so horrible so, they should face it bravely in humor.

9. Socializing


It is indeed one of the problems faced by teenagers. They do not want to socialize with people other than their age group. They deny participating in family activities, they are just happy within themselves. They prefer to stay in their rooms with their computers and cell phones. They need to understand that isolation can lead to problems, sometimes serious.

8. Betting


This is one the problems as well as serious crimes teenagers now-a-days are prone to. Betting has reached a new level for these pupils. Cricket betting, casinos are becoming popular among teenagers. While entering to it seems to be very interesting and a easy way to make money but in actual you are inviting big trouble. At first they show it to you as a nice game to earn money but later on you are screwed. You are made to lose huge sums of money then made to pay them anyway. This leads you to another crime. So Beware, success is never that easy.

7. Cyber-addiction


In this generation, cyber-addiction is really a problem to the teenagers. They are always glued to their computers, laptops or internet enabled phones. Internet when useful has another side also. When it is making things easy it may make your life hard as well. Cyber-crime is in fashion and most of the pupils trapped are teenagers. They are baited with attractive things to offer and then chained with difficulties. So, one must be careful while using internet day and night and be rational.

6. Emotions


Teenagers are often found fighting with their emotions. They are very confused about their emotions. This is the age of infatuations which teenagers mistake as love and many of them cause heavy toll to their future by thinking this. If you are not compatible with someone and broke up that doesn’t mean end of life. You have a whole life to go on and your true love is in the future. You need to control your emotions and be rational while deciding things for you.

5. The perfect body type


The zero-figure madness for girls and the eight-pack abs for the guys are posing a threat on their respective heaths. It is often ignored by teenagers that in a race to impress the opposite sex, how badly they are affecting their bodies permanently. They blindly go on dieting, which affects their bodies often inviting harmful diseases. Yes, a perfect body type is a must but not at the cost of your health, being healthy is the perfect type. And if you wonder how will you impress boys/girls, how can you even trust the guy/gal whose is impressed just by your body and not you?

4. Peer- pressure


This is the age when one makes a lot of friends. They go out and make friends from different walks of life. Making friends is an easy job but choosing your friends wisely is a difficult one. But one must keep in mind that company affects a lot. One must choose their friend consciously because friendships lead you to the most pleasant as well as most difficult situations. Often it is seen that pupils do wrong things and often serious crimes because of peer-pressure. They smoke, drink, do offensive activities and that continues to be worse with time. One won’t ever be in trouble because of peer pressure if they are alert right from the beginning, so avoid making troublesome friends.

3. Parental expectations


There are headlines in the newspaper daily that one or other teenager committed suicide or left home or something like that. This can’t be called teenage madness solely. There are reasons why they do it. Sometimes parental expectations are too much and people of this age take these expectations negatively and its outcome is the headlines of the newspapers you read. It’s true that parents obviously will expect some things from their children but they should keep in mind that those expectations must not take a toll on their children’s life. The expectations must be controlled and not excessive. The other thing is that the teenagers also should take their parents expectations in a healthy way. They should take them as encouragement instead of pressure.

2. Career


One of the most common problems faced by teenagers is the selection of their career. They are confused about what to choose for their future. With so many things to opt they are just confused which one to pick. One of the reasons for this is lack of counselling. It’s true that teenagers want to do things according to their will, but that doesn’t mean they are to be left deciding things by their own. They don’t want interference when it comes to deciding their future but they need counselling. There’s a big difference between interference and counselling. Teenagers are capable enough to take their decisions but only when they are guided to the right path.

1. Fight with parents (Generation Gap)


From the day you turned thirteen, you must have noticed that you fight too much with your parents. You disagree with them every now and then. Even for small things you think that your parents do not understand you and want you to do things that they think are right. You fight over what to wear, what to eat, where to go, with whom to talk to and so the list is long. Is it really a generation gap or a communication gap? You need to think over this. These are petty things which can be solved by communication. Fighting is a solution to nothing, so stay calm and decide what’s wrong and what’s right for you and your parents as well.

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