Top 10 Common Dreams and their Meanings

Sometimes dreams can leave us wide awake and feeling on top of the world, while at other times we wake up terrified wondering what on earth just happened. There are many common themes that appear in dreams and they tend to have common meanings. Deciphering them can help provide insight into your thoughts, feelings, and life in general.

Perhaps you’re secretly worried about a relationship, or maybe you’re having financial troubles; whatever ails you, oftentimes an answer can be found in the world of dreams.

Here are 10 common dreams and their meanings:

1. Falling

It makes sense to start with the most well-known and probably the most common recurring dream that people experience.

Falling dreams typically end with you being startled or jolted out of sleep, and this usually means that you feel as if you are lost or are losing control of some aspect of your life.

2. Public Nudity

This is another very common dream; many people’s worst nightmare would be to bare it all in a public place, especially in front of their peers.

This dream is experienced by 80% of people and typically indicates that you feel insecure or vulnerable about something. This can be your physical self-image or some unresolved emotional issue.

3. Spiders

Behavioural therapist Cynthia Richmond theorises that dreaming about spiders may mean that you feel as if you’re being played with or manipulated, symbolised by the way a spider ensnares its prey in a web.

Dreaming of spiders can also indicate that you are the one doing the manipulating or deceiving, so you might want to double-check your conscience if this one persists!

Top 10 Common Dreams and their Meanings

4. Being Chased

Richard Nicoletti, J.D., a psychotherapist for the Jung Institute, believes that dreams in which you are being chased typically indicate some form of avoidance on your part.

Perhaps you are avoiding an uncomfortable conversation with a loved one or client, or there is some personal issue which has remained unresolved due to complacency.

5. Losing your Teeth

If you frequently have dreams where your teeth are breaking or falling out of your mouth, this could signify that you should be more careful with what you say to people and how much you allow yourself to share.

Beyond idle gossip, this dream can also mean that you are suffering from an underlying fear of your own mortality and inevitable death.

6. Unfaithful Partner

A dream like this usually indicates that there is some distance growing between you and your partner. So perhaps it’s time you started spending more quality time together: take walks, arrange date nights, and take the time to speak to each other more often.

7. Flying

Dreams involving flying are often in reference to your sex life. When you dream that you are freely soaring across the sky, this typically means that you’re content with your sexuality, while dreaming about attempting to fly and failing can often mean that you are dissatisfied with your sex life or you may be feeling inadequate or inferior.

Dreaming of Flying

8. Feeling Lost

When your life circumstances change, perhaps due to a career change, you may be left with an underlying feeling of being lost or feeling ill-equipped for the new challenges ahead of you. This is often reflected in your dreams.

If you dream of another person being lost, this could mean that you have underlying or unresolved feelings for this person.

9. Water

Dreams about water can hold many meanings, depending on their context. Dreams about water in general can either mean that you are undergoing some change or recovery, or that you are acting productively and helpful towards others.

On the other hand, dreaming of storms and tsunamis can mean that you’re feeling a loss of control in your life.

10. Sex

As humans, we’re hardwired to be sexual beings, but society doesn’t exactly accommodate for expressions of sexuality in everyday life, which can often mean that we are forced to suppress our desires and have them manifest in dreams.

Dreaming about someone in a sexual context can obviously mean that you’re attracted to them but if you’re dreaming about having sex with a friend or stranger, this could just mean that you desire some form of intimacy or physical gratification with “no strings attached.”

The important point here is that dreams typically indicate some underlying issue, be it positive or negative.


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