Top 10 Bizzare Dishes of China

Chinese food is something which is not just famous in China but is also famous all around the world. The food has an incredible taste and is very colorful  In Chinese culture they make use of variety of ingredients which makes the dish look more beautiful and colorful  The dishes which are offered are very unique in every aspect. Apart from this the serving strategy is highly presentable so here is the list of top 10 foods of China which are famous all around the world.

10. Fried Shrimps with Cashews

This dish, Fried shrimp with Cashew nuts is a very popular dish and is appreciated by many people. The major advantage of the dish is that the dish is not just delicious but it is healthy also. The proper taking up of the dish will provide a great help to develop the functions which are related to sexuality. The nutrients are abstracted from both the things cashews as well as shrimps. The meat of shrimps is filled with proteins which is very easy to digest as well. The meat which is used as shrimps can be prawn, lobster and many more. They also help in improving the cardiovascular functions of the body. Another major ingredient, cashew is also used in cooking which is also very healthy as it is from anacardiaceous plants.

9.  Chow Mein

The dish named Chow mein is made up from soft noodles. There are two types of chow mein which are generally prepared –steamed chow mein and also crispy chow mein.  Both are quite different as the steamed one is quite soft while the crispy one is dry and crispy. Crispy chow mein is prepared by taking less amount of oil with more amounts of noodles. The dish basically comprises noodles, vegetables, meat and celery. Also the type of noodles also differ in both chow mein, as crispy makes use of flat noodles whereas steamed make use of round as well as long noodles. This dish is particularly served in the Chinese restaurants which are westernized.

8. Peking Duck

The roasted dish named as Peking Duck is very popular in gourmet cookery.  This is a duck dish which is quite popular in Beijing. Thre dish is considered as the national food of China. The dish is quite famous for its color and crispiness in its skin. The dish is usually eaten with pancakes, hoisin sauce, and bean sauce and also with scallion. The most remarkable restaurant where one can find this dish is Quanjude and Bianyifang. The ducks are cut especially for this dish and then they are roasted for the dish to be prepared.

7. Won Ton Soup

This Chinese dish named as Won Ton Soup is very famous in china as the street food. The china has many street stalls which sell a delicious soup. This dish is basically preferred in southern China. The shape of Won Ton is mostly triangular. The Won Ton poured in the soup is prepared by folding the corners of it. The soup is first prepared by its basic method and then the Won Ton which is boiled is added to the soup and served. Won Ton is also called noodles. The dish is garnished with the vegetable which are leafy. The alternate which is used as Won Ton is shui jiao.

6. Dumplings

China is the country which is very famous for Dumplings art. The Chinese since the Song Dynasty is continuously enhancing the art of making these Dumplings. The Dumplings can be of any type round, boiled, pan fried and Crescent-shaped. The Dumpling is the dish in which the filling is done. The filling of the dish is savory or sweet. The dish can be both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian depending upon the filling of the dish.  The dish is not just popular in china but is also very famous in western countries. Also the dish is counted in the list of traditional dish of China.

5. Spicy Tofu (Mapo doufu)

Spicy Tofu the Chinese dish which is also known as Mapo doufo. It is said that Sichuan Province is the place of its origin. Tofu is also called bean curd in other words. The dish is made by mixing bean curd with the meat which is crushed. The dish is served hot and is very spicy in taste.  It is said that if the dish is not spicy then it is not perfect. Its spiciness of the dish is its trademark. They also use pork and the sauce which is bean based in the dish. The actual name of the dish is Chen Mapo Doufu.

4. Egg-fried rice

The Chinese dish named as Egg Fried rice is the dish which can be classified as the most ordered dish all over. In almost all the Chinese restaurant the dish is ordered by almost every customer. The dish is usually taken as a starter and also as a side dish. The dish can be eaten alone and it can also accompany many other dishes like curries , sweet and sour dishes and also stir-fries.  The major ingredients used in the dishes are eggs, rice. The secondary ingredients are vegetables like onion, carrot, beans.

3.  Spring Rolls

The Spring Rolls is another Chinese dish which can be eaten in both ways fresh as well as fried. The dish is usually prepared during china’s spring festival. The name of the dish is so because the dish is very popular during the season of spring festival in China. The dish is prepared using a thin sheet of the dough, in which the filling is wrapped and then fried. They are also known as rolled appetizers.  The similar kind dish prepared in Southern east Asia as well and the technique of the preparation of dish is almost the same.

2. Kung Pao (Gong Bao) Chicken

This Chinese dish is the part of Guizhou cookery and is very famous also. The dish is not just appreciated by Chinese people but also by the foreigners. This dish is one among the famous dish in Chinese food. The dish is quite spicy in taste and is made using peanuts, vegetables, chicken and peppers. The major ingredient of the dish is chicken. The dish is prepared by mixing the marinade with chicken. They also make use of Shaoxing wine to add up with the new flavor to the dish. They add pepper to give flavors to the dish. And finally the chicken is fried with the mix of vegetables and peanuts as well.

1. Sweet and Sour Pork

The dish named Sweet and Sour Pork is the dish which is quite popular all around the world. The Chinese dish is mainly a part of Cantonese cookery. The Chinese dish is not just tasty but is also incredible in its looks. The dish is derived from another dish named as Pork in the Sugar and Vinegar sauce.  The dish is prepared by frying pork in sweet and sour sauce which is made up of sugar.  The sauces used in the dish are ketchup, soya sauce and white vinegar. Additionally they make use onion, pineapple and green pepper as well. The ingredients used in the dish like capsicum and tomato makes the dish more beautiful and colorful.   The dish is majorly popular in foreign countries. Foreigners are very fond of this Chinese dish.


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