Top 10 Birthday Party Games Ideas

A birthday is a day when a person celebrates his/her own birth anniversary. everyone look forward to this day because on this day we get wishes from family and friends. On this day children throw party to their friends and enjoy the whole day playing with them. They enjoy playing  different games with positive energy which are decided by the birthday boy/girl. some of the Top 10 birthday party game ideas are :-

10. Pin the tail on the donkey

Pin the tail on donkey is an interesting game for the kids. In this game first we show each child a poster of a donkey that we have stick on the wall with no tail. One by one each child is blind fold and softly turned around several times. Then they have to stick the tail of the donkey on the poster that we showed them before. The child who pin the tail closest to the spot where donkeys tail should be, wins the game. This game is a bit difficult because the children are shaky from being turned around. At the end the winner is awarded with a small gift hamper from the birthday child.

9. Bob the builder

Bob the builder is a birthday game in which a child is given a lot of empty cans to play this game. In this game player is given one minute to build the uppermost tower using these cans. If the tower drops somehow the child can again remake the tower as long as the time is left. The child with utmost number of cans in his tower wins the game.

8. Egg spoon race

Egg spoon race is an exciting birthday game with full of fun. All the children will be positioned on the start line with a spoon and a hard boiled egg on it. In this game children are instructed to place the egg on the spoon and balance it with one hand the other hand should be behind the back.  As the race starts the children have to move fast to the finishing line balancing the egg on the spoon, if the egg of a child falls before reaching the finishing line he/ she will be out. The child who reaches first to the finishing line while supporting egg on the spoon will be the winner of the game.

7. Bursting Balloon

Bursting balloon is another stirring birthday game which makes children enjoy and energized. In this game inflate a big balloon and add a lot of candies, chocolates and toys before tying a knot. Then hang the balloon in an open place on the fan. Then before bursting the balloon tells children to gather near the balloon and collect as many candies, toys etc, when the balloon is burst. This make children happy and they enjoy the game with great enthusiasm.

6. treasure hunt

Treasure hunt is a very simple game. This can be played indoor or outdoor. In this game you just have to hide the lollies and toys around the house or yard. Tell the children to find all the toys and lollies, the game is over when the child finds the last toy or lollies.

5.Potato sack relay

Potato sack relay is a very active birthday game. This game is played outdoor area. In this game you can have 2 or 3 teams. Each team has a potato sack with them. At a distance to each team a chair is placed. The 1st palyer get into the sack and hop till they touch the chair and then come back. Then they remove their sack as fast as they can and the next player does the same. The team which finish 1st is the winner.

4. Statues

This is very funny and interesting game. In this game there is no limit of players. Spread the players around in the room and start the music. Let the players dance and make them silly as they want to be. Then stop the music. When the music stops the players have to get freeze in whatever position they are in. when the player moves he/she is out. The last person left wins the game.

3. Simon says

This game is very easy and can be a lot of enjoyable. An adult (mom or dad) will be “Simon”. They will give command sit down and everybody will sit. Then they will say stand up and everybody will stand. The person who is left behind will be out. The player left at the end of the game is the winner.

2. Pass the parcel

Pass the parcel is also very enjoyable game. In this game all players will be made to sit in a circle and a parcel is provided to one of the player from whom the game is to start. To prepare the parcel we have to re-wrap the parcel with different colored sheets and wrap in the way that they can be opened easily. Put some exciting gift to each layer in order to make the game more enjoyable. When the music starts the child pass the parcel to the next child and next child to other sitting by and so on. When the music stop the child holding the parcel will unwrap the 1st layer of the parcel and win a small prize. When the music starts again, the parcel gets passed around again. This goes on until the entire layer is unwrapped and the child holding the parcel will win the game and party prize.

1. Musical chairs

This birthday game is very old and traditional game which is a big hit among children. In this game you need at least 6 player and some chairs. (There must be one chair less than the total number of players) All the chairs should be positioned in two rows back to back. When the music starts the children will move around the chairs and when music will stop all the children will push to sit on the chair. The child left without the chair is out. One chair is taken out of the row and the game goes on until one child is left. The left over child is the winner of the game.

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