Top 10 Best Ways to Approach a Girl

It is not a difficult task to approach a girl if you are focused and you know how to proceed ahead with a plan set in your mind. On the other hand it is quite difficult for shy and nervous person to ask a girl for coffee, date etc.  And one must remember that girls are human beings and vary from one another so the ways of approach that may work for one may not fulfill other ones desire. So here are some top ways which may help a guy to approach a girl and make her impress, ask for date and get her phone number.

10. Never fear rejection

The funda of life says that when you want something and you try for it if u fail do not give up rather standing with double courage and facing the hurdle, you will definitely achieve your goal. Same is the case while approaching a girl, So while approaching a girl you should never fear rejection as a fact a beautiful intelligent girl will never scream or run away from you neither she will point  at you in the crowd and laugh. A smart, innocent and attractive girl mostly reacts in between neutral and positive for being approached. So the moral is stop worrying about the rejection rather put it in side and make move irrespective of the result.

9. Don’t ask for phone number instead ask for email address

Once you have started talking with the girl and you need to be in contact in future so you need to get her phone number to contact her. But directly asking for phone number will not leave a good impression so ask for email instead. A girl easily gives their email as it is less risky and businesslike. Then through conservation by mails you can easily ask for her number.

8. Compliments in talks

While communicating with a girl a guy should always compliment her for the every second thing she says. The talks can be simple open ended questions starting from ‘who’, ‘why’, ‘where’ and so on. And keep on expressing your views to. If she finds you interesting then she will give you some clue and you can continue the discussion but if you find that she is losing interest then make the conversation sweet and small and end it. To have a good chemistry between you and girl you must joke in between. And a little bit of flirting will make her comfortable to be with you.

7. Physical contacts

The weirdest thing about some guys is they unnecessary try to make physical contacts with girls. Some guys just need chance to touch girls this is most irritating thing and must be avoided. In fact a guy should never run fast for physical contact with girl as the girl might not be ready. Instead a guy should make such atmosphere for the girl to be comfortable and make her realize her importance and should set certain limits.

6. Give a quick response

Always pay attention to whatever girl says in conversation. You should show interest in her talks and give some counter comments to.  If she suddenly ask you something about being discussed you should be able to answer. While communicating tries to get her personal details like name, her job etc. if she finds you interesting then she will not hesitate in sharing her details and this means that you can have a good future scope. Once you know her name mention it in your talks to show that you are listening. And don’t get upset if she denies giving her info instead try again.

5. Not to use cheesy pick up line


One thing women hate the most when a guy approaches her with some of quoted pick up lines so try avoid such lines .rather try to make some jokes out of those ,it can really work to grab the girls all attention. Even you can use the pick lines but try to give it your desired twist and turn. For example: instead of complimenting a girl like ‘you are beautiful’ s normal but if you try this ‘if I say you have a beautiful body then will you greet me with same compliment’  will make a girl enjoy the conversation with you.

4.  At all cost avoid being a friend

If you act like a sweet, innocent and shy person when you approach a girl then automatically you are placed in the category of ‘friend’ and your desire comes to an end i.e. another lonely evening. So pretending to be a nice guy can sometimes lead to disappointment. Hence it is always advice to approach a girl with full confidence and strength and never deviate from your focus that you are approaching a girl for a date and never leave impression of friend.

3. Appearance

As we know the first impression is the last impression and that comes from looks. So just to grab a girl’s attention a guy should be properly dressed up as the appearance and body language counts too much on first meet. And proper dress up means a guy must look clean and neat, with decent clothes not trendy. Just be a simple regular guy and while introducing yourself always mention your business for a better response.

2. Time span of talk

It’s always said that the more time you spend with a girl you have a more opportunity to blow it with her. And while conversation a guy must be confident and clear in his approach otherwise there may be a good probability of making mistakes, so remember your goal of approach i.e. girls personal information. Once conversation starts, girl will be looking at your communicating skills and at this time a small mistake by guy leaves a boy with reward of rejection so it’s very crucial time span and a lot of care must be taken while stepping ahead. And once you get a girls number or email make a quick exit to show you also have a personal life. Then contact her later. Never try to win the game in a single go this is the most common mistake made by guys while approaching a girl as girls need time to think and respond.

1. Pre-preparation

Before approaching a girl, the first and the foremost thing to be done by a guy is to observe her and gather some clues about her likes and dislikes and then accordingly plan to start conversation. Consider a situation: A girl reading a book at a subway stop, try to take a clue of what she’s reading or ask about the same from her. Moral is always relating the approach to the situation, so that the approach is geared up and this will also create a better image with a good impression on her for future talks.



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