Top 10 Best Funny Ways to Annoy People

Annoying people means to irritate them by applying some stupid trick in order to disturb them. Sometime people make others annoy purposely but some do this to create a harmonious or enjoyable environment. We all know working in a hectic schedule makes you boring, irritating and tired but some people overcome their stress by making fun of his or her colleague and also let other people enjoy.

There are many tricks to annoy people but here i list out some best ways to annoy others. Try accordingly and enjoy! After all ”dil to bacha hai ji”.

10. Create Mess

This is one of the best ways to annoy people just scatter his or her files on the table, press  some random keys of his computer or close the file on which the other person is working. There is one more way to create mess is to hold the number of books and throw these books over the table of the other person or drop the tea or water on the papers and make him helpless.

9. Make Some Nonsense Noise

Think you are doing something very important but sudden one of your colleague or friend   who is sitting near to you is producing some nonsense noise while drinking tea or coffee. This will make you irritated and you may lose your concentration. If you want to disturb other person then you can produce irritating noise by typing on your keyboard fast, beat your desk loudly, putting glass on table with force and moving your chair here and there.

8. Show your Talent of Bathroom Singing

This is the ever funniest trick to make other person irresistible. We can easily get one or two person in our office having harsh voice and imagine if they start singing around you then how will you feel. I know it is difficult to control yourself. Some people have a habit of reciting stupid poetry or shayari in a harsh voice which is intolerable. In order to make irritate someone try your bathroom singing talent in front of other and i will assure you this will definitely boil their blood.

7. Do Mimicry in a Funny Way

Doing cheating or acting of others is the funniest thing and it makes the other person out of control but i am sure while doing this you may enjoy a lot. In order to make irritate other try to repeat their words in different style or walk behind them in a funniest way.

6. Reveals the Secret

Everyone has some secrets which they don’t like to open in front of others. We mostly share our secret with our closed friend and never want to explore. Ask yourself once, if someone reveal your secret to everyone how will you feel. I am sure you will like to kill that person. This is very common in humans that whenever we are irritated with someone we try to reveal their secret talks to everyone in order to take their revenge. By this way their mission of making others annoy gets complete. I advice to you is not to try this trick because this may break the trust in relationship.

5. Irritate Others by Asking Nonsense Questions

Ah this is the most funniest but annoying trick to make others anger. Asking some stupid questions to your peers will surely increase the flow of blood in their veins. Do it after ever two or three seconds. This will surely boil their blood if you ask questions when they are quite busy or they have a lot of work to do. This is the best to waste their time and let them punish by the boss.

4. Proof you are Always Right

Some people are very stubborn by nature. They do the mistake and put blame on others which is very annoying and intolerable. Whenever a hot discussion is going on but in the meanwhile some people have a habit of taking it to the another level which create mess and spoil the mood. If you want to make a person annoy then during discussion be stick at one point and make others irritated.

3. Interrupt Others In between

We have always been taught by our parents or teacher that when two people are talking then interrupting them in between is a bad manner. This is true if you are talking with friend personally and someone came and starts talking something rubbish and i am sure that you will feel like a killing. Especially in offices some people have a habit of interrupting others when they are talking. When you are on  phone or discussing something very important and at that situation someone start making noise around you or calling you again and again this makes your irritate.

2. Call your Colleagues with Their Pet Name

One of the funniest but annoying tricks is to call you peers with their nick-names. When your colleagues or peers sitting in a meeting or conversing with some professional people then call them loudly by their pet name and turn your face or behave like a sincere person. This will surely irritate people most. Always our nick names are quite funnier and no one likes to reveal these in front of formal friends or peers.

1. Tick-Tack with Your Pen

This is one of the ever used ways to irritate someone. I think everyone tried this once in a life or you may suffer from this annoying technique. Mostly people have habit to shaking their pen or clicking it continuously in order to make irritate others. Sometime people do this tick-tack in nervousness but other does this to make disturb someone. I am sure no one like this kind of stupidity but if you want to create some fun around you then this is the best trick to make someone annoying and let other’s enjoy.



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