10 Weird Ways to Spoil Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is no doubt the grandest festival of the year. Be it the kids or the grown up mature adults; the anticipation for the festival doesn’t differ between the age groups. From dress to the decorations everything is wisely and enthusiastically planned to welcome Christmas and the new year in the most lavish way. It is celebrated in good spirits with the companionship of all the loved and ear ones ;although there are people who don’t enjoy the plain positivity of this occasion  In case you the devil holding some grudge in your heart, the following are some of the ways in which you can spoil a Christmas fest. You can use a combination to have a greater impact.


10. Pick a fight. 

Just imagine its the Christmas eve and the day for your family starts with a fight between you and your sibling. Whats will it do to the rest of the day?  A rivalry among the siblings often as seen divides the family into two; each one supporting one contender. When this happens on a fest just think what will be the environment in the house. It can also be a fight between your parents. You can pick a fight over silly things like extra pancake for breakfast or breaking up of toys. It can be any little reason that you find. Do some gossiping, give them some news against a member that you are sure will infuriate them. Even with little fight the damage is done.


9. Hide Christmas musicals.

What is Christmas without the carols Without the music humming the santa’s arrival. Music holds an essence of the festival. No Christmas party is complete without the old Christmas melodies enchanting the crowd in the background. You want to destroy the party thrown by your people ; simply hide all the music tapes in a place they cannot find. Let them see at the last minute that there is no music to play. You can even go a step ahead by damaging the player altogether. Cut off the wire or break a part. A slight damage will render it useless and you have accomplished your task.


8. Play a prank. 

Well you can also use that devilish mind of yours and set up a trap such that someone else ends up destroying  their Christmas for you. Call up the fire brigade , ask them to come over because a fire has broke out at your place and then sit back and watch the fun. You can also call up an ambulance for the sake of interruption at the party. You can play another prank ; just come horrified into the living area where all have gathered and say that you saw someone entering the house a thief or may be. And just watch the panicked faces forgetting their Christmas.


7. Destroy the decorations.

A house is organised and decorated for days to welcome the Christmas eve. There are bells , colorful lights, shining stars , flowers etc. The house is decorated like a bride. the onset of decorations truly signifies the arrival of Christmas. What could be worst then destroying someone’s true efforts to welcome Christmas by spoiling all the decorations. You can fuse up the lights . A Christmas night is nothing without its glowing lights. Pull out all the stars or crumble the flowers. When everyone is sleeping the night before Christmas you can quietly sneak out of your room and do the required work. The next morning will give them the biggest shock of their lives.


6. Exchange the gift tags.

Which is the most memorable thing about the Christmas other than the Santa ? Its the gifts. For the kids or the teenagers or the adults the Christmas gifts makes everyone anxious. We all hope to get some stuff on Christmas really bad. What if you totally mess up the gifts? You stay in the same house its your family you know better than anyone what your siblings wish to receive.  With a little detective mind you can easily find out what your parents are buying. On the day before the gifts are to be given just go ahead and exchange the tags on the gifts. let each one receive what they are not suppose to. take a look those faces when all their expectations get shattered. Although the gifts can be exchanged and reach their right places but to spoil the most special part of Christmas is enough to mess up the entire day.


5. hate your gift.

Its a Christmas tradition to get your loved ones presents on the festive day. Your parents get you gifts for sure every year undoubtedly and at times your siblings do that as well. little ones make hand made greetings and goodies. Its a lot of emotions attached to a gift. You can surely spoil anyone’s mood by rejecting a gift. On Christmas when gifts are kept a top secret enthusiastically, you can crush the joy and sentiments  by very selfishly stating that you don’t like the gift. You can use harsh words ‘its the worst gift of your life’ or “this is not what you were expecting’.  You can surely spoil the occasion for your family by rejecting all the love they put into that gift.


4. The Christmas dress. 

The Christmas is indeed one of the biggest shopping seasons. With parties being thrown everywhere its the perfect time to get on your best wears. You definitely choose the best of your wardrobe to Join the Christmas party. What if the best party wear which you have chosen with so much affection is completely messed up? Its going to spoil the entire event right. Well this is exactly what you can do to spoil a Christmas at home. Simply attack the party dress. You can pretend that its an accident like you spilled coffee in the party on someone. There are many things you can do with the dress. Go on run those devil minds .


3. Mess up the cake.

A Christmas is known for its gifts and food. A Christmas table is never complete without a grand lavish cake on it. No party can summon without a cake cutting ceremony on the occasion of Christmas. It will be a lot of fun to destroy those designer cakes. What you can do is you can when the cake is being baked quietly exceed the temperature of the oven. It will be too late when the others will come to know. If the cake is being ordered from outside you can try the accident principle here also. You can either drop the cake or drop something on the cake. You can simply dash into the one carrying the cake. Try your luck just take care that you don’t spoil you dress in the process.


2. The Christmas tree.

The icon of Christmas festival is the Christmas tree. Each house endorses one. With all the creativity one can gather the tree is decorated . Be it the youngest one around or be it the granny of the house each one participates in adding to the beauty of good old tree. No Christmas festival is complete without a tree in the corner of your house shining in its glory. A great nasty way to spoil the Christmas is to destroy the tree. You can chose many ways to do it. Mess up the decorations , pluck out the leaves, add things to the tree which will destroy its beauty etc. Its up to you to decide which way you choose to cause destruction.


1. Santa does not exist.

As we all know, Santa is truly the Christmas king. He has kept alive the spirit of the festival over the centuries. He is the true anticipated arrival of the season. Each child is hiding in his bed waiting for the jingle bells to ring. They believe in the magic of the fest. The younger ones especially are firm believers in the legend of Santa. The best thing you can do is to open it to the younger ones the truth about Santa . Break the age old belief to them and show them that the beard man at the mall is not a real Santa.  Tell them the one who gives them gifts is dad and not some Santa Claus. There is no other heart break for a kid as great as the fact that there is no Santa.

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