10 Things about Area 51 That No One Knows

Area 51 is a secret US military base that exists rather unofficially. The region is located in the southern Nevada in western United States. Area 51 is the name used specifically for CIA documentation and the other names of this military base are Home Base, Watertown strip, Dreamland and Groom Lake. Area 51 is a restricted military base and operates in thorough secrecy. In fact, many officials in the top rungs of the US army are denied access as well. Only satellite images of Area 51 are available to us. It is no conventional airbase and does not deploy forces during the time of military exercises. The operations that are undertaken in area 51 are highly classified. The base exists in vivid secrecy and has always existed that way, so much so that the US government recognized the area only as late as July 2003. Here are ten things you wouldn’t have heard about area 51.

10. The Location

Area 51 is located on a huge tract of land, so large that it is difficult to predict the area of the secretly operating military base. It is claimed to be half the size of Switzerland. Because the US government does not recognize the base officially and the base is denied access, journalists are unable to confirm such reports. But, satellite images have tried to determine the size of the base and outputs have shown the base to be extremely huge.

9. The Extent

The most deceptive fact is that the base as such does not have a perimeter fence and only has a vast mileage of desert land in all directions. Needless to say, the land is completely inaccessible to the public.

8. The place is under intense surveillance

The area around Groom lake (another name for area 51) is patrolled largely by camouflaged guards called cammo dudes. If they spot any irregularities in human presence in and around the area, they do not hesitate to shoot them down. The entire area is under surveillance and equipped with motion sensors capable of detecting human sweat. Unbelievable as it may sound, the security systems are monitored every second of the year and surveillance systems can detect human presence at a distance of nearly twenty kilometers from the heart of the base.

7. The Alien Myth 

There is a very absurd myth related to Area 51. It is believed that the United States has captured Aliens from UFOs and there is a myth that alien spacecrafts were reverse engineered to make the iphone and the iPad.

6. The Hydrogen Bomb

It is believed that area 51 houses a fusion reactor, capable of producing a hydrogen bomb. A hydrogen bomb is built on the principle of nuclear fusion rather than nuclear fission that is used to make the nuclear bomb. The hydrogen bomb is at least twenty five times more powerful than the nuclear bomb. This fact is largely believed, even by hardcore enemies Russia and Iran.

5. The Stealth aircrafts during the Cold War

It is believed that since the inception of Area 51 in the year 1955, the United States has been using this site to develop stealth defense capabilities and it is believed that the CIA’s U2 and A14 oxcarts which were secret cold war renaissance aircrafts were built in area 51.

4. The Hangars

It is largely believed that a huge hangar is housed within one of the tallest mountains and closes whenever a satellite passes overhead. This could possibly be true because satellite images have just not been able to give a clear perspective about the operations undertaken at the base.

3. The Longest runway

The base at area 51 is home to one of the largest ever runways in the world. In fact, the runway at area 51 is believed to be the largest although individual reports cannot confirm these claims.

2. Private companies are given access

It has been revealed that many private companies including Lokheed Martin are developing stealth aircrafts for the US air force. It is largely believed that the epic Lokheed Marti Stealth aircraft, the SR 71, was built and tested in area 51. The effects of stealth aircrafts were evident during the Gulf War and it is believed that stealth capabilities were thoroughly tested at the military base in area 51.

1. The Secret Document

There are more than a hundred storage units for weapons at the military base. It is believed that the UFOs that were spotted in the United States were captured and housed at the secret military base. And, the United States was able to develop stealth capabilities for its aircrafts with the help of deciphering machine code from the captured UFOs. Incredible as it may sound, the United States air force and army conduct stealth and frontline exercises on a daily basis at the military base. In the year 1990, a New York Times reporter was able to pen a document titled ‘black budget’, a secret document that deals with the  direction of funds close to  nearly two trillion dollars being invested to fund operations at area 51.

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