10 Reasons why People are Single

Everyone is around is talking of commitments all around. Are you single? This is probably one of the most asked questions in the world. Look around you can see a whole lot of couples, loving, fighting, caring, etc. But there are few of them who are never seen with girls, not someone who seems to be their girlfriend at least. And there are some who you refuse to believe are single, but they say so.

You must be aware that when the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day and other anniversaries with their loved ones, there are people around you who are single. But have you ever wondered why it is so? There can be many reasons of a person being single. We are listing here the top ten reasons why people are single:

10. Money


There are people around who are single and on asking why they haven’t green signaled anyone they say they love to spend their money on themselves. Yes there are sort of people who think that commitment means an expense. According to them, of they are committed they have to spend on their partners; they have to give them gifts for birthdays and anniversary and all. Apart from that, going on a date also seems to be a costly affair. So, being single becomes one of the cost cutting for many people around. It seems to be a little strange but logical as well isn’t it?

9. Your Personality


This is a harsh reality. May be you are single because nobody wants to be with you. Your personality has lot to be with this. If you are a flirt and people around you know this you have chances of being single, as nobody wants a commitment with a flirt. There are other parts of the reason too. May be you are not attractive enough, by attractive we do not mean good looking but your maintenance of personality matters. How you carry yourself? If you are not tidy and wearing unclean clothes to office, it’s hard to get you a partner. So, if you are looking forward to commitment you must have a makeover of your personality.

8. Still love your ex


One of the most common reasons why people are single is their previous relationship. They are still not out of the failure of their previous relationship or maybe they still love their ex and cannot think of being with someone else. It happens sometimes that they are not mentally prepared to love someone else, as they still have feelings for their ex partner. From one viewpoint its right as it won’t be justice to your partner if you still love your ex; on the other hand someone is needed to make you forget your ex.

7. Too shy


If you are shy and single too. There have to be a connection. If you are too shy to talk to the opposite sex then you are bound to be single. If you are so shy even to introduce yourself to a guy/girl how will you go further? For commitment, you need to know and understand each other first, in order to take the next step. If you never take the first step how would the next come? Communication is the first step for any relation. Communication can make and break relations. So, if you are a shy person, maybe it’s the reason why you are still single.

6. Over Confidence


Yes, it is one of the reasons for being single. We will tell you how. You must have people around you who are so confident that they will get any girl/boy. They think that they will choose any one and they will get them. You must have noticed one thing more, that these are the people who are single most of the times. The over confidence of getting anyone often leads them to trouble. They are the people who remain single longer.

5. Enjoying their freedom


And there are people who are enjoying their freedom, and think there is whole life to love and engage in commitments. They are enjoying their late night parties and are happy that they don’t have to answer anyone. They think commitment means end of freedom so they are happy single and enjoying their freedom.

4. Do not believe in love

While there are people who are taking oaths over love all around, there are also people who don’t believe in love. There can be many reasons for it, may be their earlier relationships didn’t work all right or their parents always fight or any other reason. These are the people who choose to remain single because they think there’s nothing called love and it’s just an illusion people are falling for. May be there will come a day when they will find someone who will make them believe that love exists, but till then they are happy with their notion of love.

3. No time for love


In today’s life of hustle bustle over work and career, there are people who choose career over relationships. They think that relationship will divert their minds from their work, hence affecting their performance, so they like to stay away from love. They don’t have enough time to give to their partners as they are too busy in the race towards the top. In addition, no one would like to have a partner who is always engrossed in work. So there are two sides of the issue, they do not choose any one and no one chooses them.

2. Afraid of commitments


Another important reason why people are single is because they are afraid of commitments. May be they are afraid that the relationship won’t work and they will end up getting separated. This will result in heart break and they want to prevent that. Another reason why people are afraid of commitment is the word commitment itself. They are not sure enough that they will be able to carry a relationship. They know that relationship means caring, loving and be accountable to some extent to a person, and they are afraid that they won’t be able to do justice to a relationship.

1. Waiting for the right person


If you ask someone that they are single, the most probable answer you will get is that they are waiting for the right person in their life. So, given by the mob of single persons this happens to be one of the top reasons why people are single. They are waiting for their dream partners. Someone they can look forward to and spend the rest of their lives. They may come across many people daily but their Mr/Miss right have certain specifications which they have made in mind and they are waiting for the day they will get them. Till then they are enjoying their happy single lives.


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