10 Most Dangerous Mafia Groups in the World

A Mafia or a yakuza is a group of criminals who do business on illegal activities such as trafficking, drugs, smuggling, robbery, and many such activities through which their main intentions are making money.  Over the years these groups kept growing, while there are many crimes happening in the world, these mafia groups have a major part in such things, and every business person in the society need to pay money to these mafia groups to whichever particular area they belong to. There will be a head person to these groups and is commonly called as a DON. We all have either read or seen Mario Puzo’s famous book about Godfather which talks all about Mafia family. Though there are certain groups which are crueler in real lives. Here are such mafia groups who are more dangerous in the world and have reputation of bad.

10. The Albanian Mafia

This group is mainly originated from Albania and they are more in the countries of United States and European Union. The main work of these groups is of drugs trafficking and arms trafficking.  People of this group consider a word called “Besa” as a name for their “Code of Honor”.  At the time of recruitment process into this group they take a oath, which is considered seriously.  The Godfather of this family is ‘Daut Kadriovski’

9. Russian Mafia

The Russian group is considered as more dangerous among all. In Russia, after the World War II the death of Joseph Stalin and the fall of the Soviet Union, more gangs evolved in black market and these gangs controlled most of countries economy.  Most of the individual groups called themselves as Brotherhood or Thieves-in-law. This group is the most well organized one with a quasi-military operation.  This group originated from poor people and had earned a status of Robin Hood who shared food and money among the poor.  In 1945 to 1953 there was a war among the groups and other criminals as they choose to fight for the government called as ‘Bitch Wars’. The government encouraged this was in the idea of get rid of the criminals. These groups have grown into an enormous size since then and have around 500,000 members. They are mostly into internet fraud, bombings, smuggling, drug and firearm trafficking’s, pornography etc. They are more in countries like Israel, Hungary, Spain, Canada, UK, US, Russia, etc.

8. Chinese Triads

These groups are mostly found in countries like Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and European countries, New York, Los Angeles Seattle, Vancouver, and San Francisco. They are mainly into, trafficking, robbery, contract killing, piracy, etc. Though these groups have originated from a very long time, the Hong Kong government enforced strict laws and the groups have become less active.  At present these groups are more into different kind of crimes such as extortion, money laundering, trafficking and prostitution.  They initiate through an oath and have their own way ritual by sacrificing animal after drinking a mixture of wine and the bold of the animal or the candidate.  Later the paper which contains the oath will be burnt. Three fingers on the left hand will be raised as a binding gesture.

7. Israeli Mafia

These groups’ activities are also similar to that of the other mafia groups and these are mainly originated from Israel. Most of the heads are either killed or some are in prison.  Though there are some smaller groups still originated in United States, most of them are punished.

6 The Serbian Mafia

These are the groups originated in Serbia. These groups are involved in the same activities as the others along with protection rackets. The main breakthrough for criminal organization in Serbia occurred at the time of Yugoslav Wars in 1991, when most of them were desperate for money as they became home-less and job-less. Many soldiers joined for a lifetime of crime.  They were protected by political parties in exchange of political favors.  Illegal cigarette smuggling was done in association with the Italian Mafia. In 2010 it was revealed that these groups are trafficking more drugs and providing better quality of cocaine. These are more in countries such as Germany, United States, United Kingdom, France etc.

5. Sicilian American Costa Nostra

These groups are more into protection racket, drug and arms trafficking. They have around 3500-4000 members in their group.  These groups did not like calling themselves as Mafia and hence were called with different names and one of them was Costa Nostra.  These groups as well were evolved at the time poverty and over land disputes. According to these groups one can become a member when he is a Sicilian and the candidate should not be related to the law in any ways.  In the final trial the member is supposed to commit a murder to bind him to silence.  As to make sure that he is not an undercover policeman and if he killed at least one person he cannot break the code of the group as he is charged for murder himself. They have their own strict rules and consider themselves as ‘Men of Honor’. The members need to follow strictly the Ten Commandments of the group.

4. Columbian Drug Cartels

These groups are more into drugs and trafficking. The group has also involved in the terrorism and kidnappings as well.  They have different ranks in the groups depending on the level of job they do such as Falcons, Hitmen, Lieutenants, and Drug Lords.

3. Japanese Yakuza

These groups are also known as Gokudo. Isokichi Yoshida is considered first renowned modern Yakuza. Some of them were termed low standards as gambling was illegal and some of the housed were formed in abandoned temples and shrines. They maintained their own security personnel. The group is still identified today in smaller groups whose main occupation is gambling and call themselves as a bakuto.

2. Mexican Mafia

Though the name says Mexican the group did not originate in Mexico and it is entirely US Prison organization. The famous MS-13 group belongs to these groups as well. As M is the 13th letter of the alphabetical order the group use number 13 in all their group names. These are the powerful gang in the California prison. 13 Hispanic street gang formed the group. The main intention of forming this group was to terrorize the prison system and enjoy the time with all the comforts while they served the prison time.

1. Jamaican- British Yardies

These groups are also into similar kind of crime such as drugs and arms trafficking.  These groups are well known for their gun crimes. They do not have a real structure or central leadership. The members of this group who fought for the Turf War are recently released from prison on parole. But some were arrested again and are thrown back to jail due to the violation of parole and some were deported back to Jamaica.



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