10 Most Annoying Bollywood Celebrities

Our Bollywood stars are the ultimate dose of our entertainment. They make our weekdays and weekends fun filled and spicy but not always. As with everything here too there are the good ones and the bad ones. These bad ones get on our nerves with ease. They take weird ways to make their name. Most of them have controversies around them all the time. They thrive on negative publicity and with his they try to build a mark in Bollywood. No matter how much we hate them there seems to be no way to get them out of sight. Be it the T.V screen or Facebook or twitter they seem to be present everywhere like viruses. The list is long but here are the 10 most annoying celebs.

10. Malika Sherawat.

Who can forget her. The bold lady of Bollywood who rose to stardom with Mahesh Bhatts’s “Murder”. Initially her bold attitude and ready to go nude spirit was appreciated but it soon started to get on nerves. With constantly being involved in controversies she became known for a lot of negative issues. Her Hollywood flick Hiss regarding which she almost refused to leave the media turned out to be a flop. Also in the press conference of her recent Hindi movie with Vivek Oberoi she was seen continuously boasting about private plane trips and L.A. Seems like she has forgotten she works for Bollywood.


9. Anu Malik.

He is no doubt one of the best music composers we have today in Bollywood. He has been nominated for the best music director 14 times. He has won nationals for Refugee. But inspite of this it cannot be forgotten that earlier he was the king of piracy. But he became a pain when instead of being ashamed for piracy he was seen showering attitude. He is not a singer what so ever. His singing is a torture to the ear drums. Yet he is seen exhibiting his not so talented skills on the show he judges and on interviews. I wish Indian Idol could change its judge.


8. Himesh Reshamiya.

I agree he is a great music composer. But was there a need to even start singing? What was that ; some cost cutting? The nasal fever he brought with him gave everyone ear cancer. Like that was not enough he even started acting in movies with actresses half his age. What a mess they made out of remaking “Karz”. He was the judge at Sare Ga Ma and various other shows. That leather jacket and hair sewing – it was a pain. No matter where he goes he does not forget to sing. I wish someone gives him a reality check.


7. Sherlyn Chopra.

Sherlyn is a model and an actress. Her Bollywood career is at a halt for now. But she is setting the modelling world unstable every now and then. She never lets any chance of publicity go unused. Such is the desire to gain popularity that she posed nude for the magazine “Playboy”. She entered the reality show “Bigg Boss season 3”. She was even heard of having a dispute with none other then Rakhi Sawant. She is annoying to the core with her constant efforts to get into Bollywood. Like simply getting nude gets you into the actress’s shoes.


6. Pooja Mishra.

Yet another hungry for publicity babe. She is a video jockey and show host but rose to lime light with her appearance on the reality show The Bigg Boss season 5. She was constantly in the news for her loud behavior on the show. She was seen as the biggest trouble maker of the season. She created many controversies from calling the show having favoritism to accusing Akash Deep a co contestant of giving her a love bite when she was asleep. She is certainly not the best one out there I wonder when she will understand that.


5. Kamal Rashid Khan.

He calls himself “KRK”. He is a businessman  an actor and a writer. He started his career with controversies in Bollywood with his movie Deshdrohi which turned a mega flop. He was then seen on the reality show The Bigg Boss season 3. He was disliked by all the fellow mates for his loud behavior and disrespectful speech. He was seen constantly mouthing about his wealth ; his 21000 sq.ft mansion and Holland’s milk and London’s tea. He keeps making unnecessary statement about celebrities and this time he did so about the Late Balasaheb Thackeray Ji and has got into trouble. Hope now he will learn to keep quite.


4. Dolly Bindra.

She has worked in many comedy serials in the past and has given quite a good performance. But she came to lime light with the reality show the Bigg Boss season 4. There she was seen bad mouthing every contestant especially Shweta Tiwari. She was seen picking up a brawl with Ashmit patel and latter on Veena Malik. She was evicted from the show and returned as a wild card entry. How can someone so irritating be voted in by the people? She dances flawlessly no doubt but shouldn’t a celeb be a little careful with that body weight?


3. Poonam Pandey.

This girl who just stepped out of her teens is already being known for all the wrong reasons. She came to spot light with the statement the she will go nude if India wins the world cup. But severe objections were raised and inspite India winning the world cup no nudity was seen from her. When KKR won the IPL she actually went nude and posted on her twitter. She can take any means to publicity. Although this cheap publicity stunts only make the people get distant from her. Now she is seen tweeting and blogging about her sex scene in the upcoming movie which she calls the hottest ever. Looks like she did not learn anything from Sunny Leone’s not so successful story.


2. Veena Malik.

She became a household topic in India with the reality show The Bigg Boss season 4. Although she was well known for her controversial relationship with Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Asif. In the house she tried to remain in lime light by hooking up with Ashmit Patel. Later on after the show she was seen doing scandalized photo shoots and cheap item numbers. She accused a magazine for picturing her nude on the cover photo. She can go to any means to remain in the buzz. But we know to change the channel don’t we?


1. Rakhi Sawant.

She has always been media’s favorite. Be it her walking on the sets for audition in a bikini or showing of her assets on the screen she has done everything to capture the camera. She rose to fame with the Bigg Boss season 1. She has been the only contestant who got a positive effect from the scandals on the show. Be it her every fortnight plastic surgeries or sob stories of her break up with her boy friend; this lady loves to state it all on the camera. With any tragedy or happiness the first thing she does is call the media. She can be irritating to the core with her uncontrolled speech and emotional outbursts.

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