10 Celebrities Who Were Fat Earlier

There are two ways of winning; either get the first price or stand aside and let the other person win, but in any of the two cases it you who wins. There are two ways of loving; either give so much love to the person you esteem that he/she has no other choice but to love you back or simply learn to love the person who esteems you. Happiness can be found in two ways; either be with the person whom you love or accept the person with your heart and soul who loves you. There are always two ways; either it is the first way or the second way. Either you can let your physical desires win or you can put your spiritual peace above your physical desire.

Sometimes in life, it becomes difficult to put our physical desires above the spiritual peace, sometimes it is not easy to step aside and let the other person wins, sometimes it’s not easy to love someone and it is definitely not accessible to accept the second option because we are humans and we want the best, we want to be one the top and we must acquire something which is beyond compare.  And why not? God put Humans above all the living things, so it becomes obvious that if God put the humans on the top then why must have the best of everything.

This is sickness of the human mind which makes a human’s esteem so low. We want everything which looks good and ravishing and leave all the ugly things untouched. What the humans fail to understand is that the real and eternal beauty exists only and only in the heart, not in the appearance and definitely not in the innocence of a beautiful face and graceful body. There are many people who became the victims of this sickness of mind and these victims altered themselves so much that today they are not only desired by people but they are also loved and esteemed. Among those victims were many people who were rejected by the world only because they were not in the perfect shape so here they are people; as good as new. The same society which loathed them is crazy of them today. Among them the top ten most magnificent, marvelous and amazing people who were fat earlier are:

10. Arjun Kapoor:

Presenting the “ishqzaada” people; the same sexy and sizzling Arjun Kapoor, who made his debut in 2012 in the film “ishqzaade” with co-star Parineeti Chopra. Arjun kapoor, born 26 June 1985, who used used to lock himself in his room with lots of DVDs, who was an over weighted guy and whose world was filled with filmmaking only, lost some weight for his first movie and is now among the rising stars of Bollywood.

9. Kesha:

The 24 years old Hollywood singer kasha; the very same kesha who is a fantasy for every man and who rocked the entire world with her tic tok was not sexy in her earlier as she is now. She was a fat looking girl in her early life and she lost weight few years ago maybe because she realized that to a huge fan following you need to good look and for that you need to lose some weight, which is exactly she did. She lost a lot of weight through yoga and other exercise and is now out there sparkling.

8. Adnan Sami:

Adnan Sami born 1973 is a British-born Pakistani Canadian singer, pianist, composer and musician. All his life he has been a fat, really very fat.  No one ever thought that Sami would be able to lose weight in his life but finally after 2 divorces he realized the importance of being in a good shape. He recently lost a massive amount of weight and has gotten married for the third time. If Adnan was supposed to meet some of his old friends after many years, they would surely not be able to recognize him.

7. Hillary Duff:

Once upon a time, Hillary duff, the American singer, author, actress and composer was very fat girl. She made her debut in 2003 through her first album Metamorphose. She lost a lot of weight in her late teens and today she has everything what a man desire in a woman. The slim figure, beauty, charm, money and career are what Hillary is all about.

6. Jerry O’Connell:

Jerry O’Connell is an American TV actor who got his fame through the TV show “sliders”; he appeared in a lot of other TV shows as well. He was main lead of the horror movie Piranha 3D in 2011. In the fairytales it is a saying that if you kiss a frog, he will turn into a prince; jerry took the fairytale very seriously and the ugly duckling did turn into bewitching and electrifying prince, but no one has any notion about the princess who kissed him.

5. Jennifer Hudson:

Jennifer Hudson appeared in the third season of the American Idol in 2004; she couldn’t win but she got the seventh position. She made her acting debut in the film Dream girls. She was a highly over weighted woman in earlier but has now acquired a stable figure which is just fine.

4. Kate Winslet:

Kate Winslet, who is also recognized as the titanic girl, born on 1975 in an English actress and singer. Her performance in the movie titanic has left a very deep impact on the heart of the viewers. Kate Winslet was a very fat kid in her childhood, who has often got rejected for many roles in her youth only because she was fat, is today among the most gracious women in Hollywood. It was not an easy task, the Oscar winner has had gone through a lot of struggle to achieve her beautiful and slender figure

3. Jenny Farley:

Jennifer Farley also known as jenny is an American TV personality, who has also appeared in at MTV was a very fat, burly and beefy kid. As she grew up she transformed into a very intoxicating, enticing and graceful women. She is among the leading personalities. She has lost a lot of weight and the journey still goes on.

2.Lindsey Lohan:

The 26 years old Lindsey Lohan, the very same Lindsey who is prize bond for every man out there, the very same Lindsey who is a model, an actress, a designer and a singer; well the very same Lindsey Lohan used to a large meaty jelly belly till the age of 16, the very same Lindsey Lohan who has now metamorphosed into young charming lady.

1.  Matt Lewis:

Didn’t recognize him? C’mon every harry potter fan spent his childhood with his young handsome fellow. He is the guy who played Neville Longbottom in the harry potter series. We all have witnessed his revamp from a chunky potbellied kid to clean cut, admirable, virile daredevil. It’s not east to believe that this is the same who couldn’t remember a thing in his childhood (only in his role in harry potter).

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