10 Bad Habits to Leave Behind in 2013

In this world no one is bad, there are bad habits in a person, his surroundings can be bad, his job can be influence of which a person is bound to act under the guidance of Satan. illegal, he may hurt people but a human is not bad; it’s just the circumstances or the situation under the

The humans are the most ravishing invention of God, how can something created by God be bad. A person has bad habit but they do not make a person completely evil. Everyone has habits; the only difference is that some of them are good while some are not so good. Habits are born out of practice, similarly can be terminated by practice. All you need to do is to make sure you do not repeat your bad habits and after a while you will automatically get rid of them.

Some humans have really crazy and unbelievable habits but problems start appearing when others have to suffer because of our habits. At that instant it becomes essential that we get rid of those habits. As the Yew Year is approaching, it is providing us a platform to take a new start and leave all our bad habits behind. The top 10 habits which must not see the glowing sun rise of 2013 are:


Wasting food is highly unmoral; this food is our life, without it we won’t be able to survive. In events or buffets, some peoples fill their plates to the top, they are just found of gathering food but they never eat everything they put in their plates. Sometimes it the hunger which makes them assemble so much food, half of the food goes wasted. Women at home cook massive amount of dinner and it also goes into the trash because either the amount of cooked food is more than it was require or half of the family members do not like home made food and they prefer to eat out. We do not pay attention to it because all our lives we never had to long for anything, just because God has blessed us with everything doesn’t mean that we stop appreciating.


This one is especially for the women, when they have nothing else to do they just go for shopping and buy half dozen dresses without any particular reason. It is another thing to shop for an occasion but this kind of shopping doesn’t make any sense. This is not necessary that you always wear a new dress, you can repeat the dresses, and it is no crime. Women just buy a dress, wear it once and then it is left untouched, they are only to increase the beauty of their wardrobe. You should go for shopping only when you are in need of new clothes not every weekend and when you go for shopping make sure you only purchase sophisticated amount of clothes; money doesn’t grow on trees.


You life span increases when you start getting up early in the morning; at least you feel as if your life has lengthen. When the sun comes up in the sky, it’s the sign that your sleeping time is over. People who get up early in the morning have magnificent health. Any kind of work takes less time when you do it early in the morning. Early risers are never late and they never have to worry.


Tomorrow is the day which never arrives, the work you leave on pending today can be done tomorrow always; the only problem is that the tomorrow will never come. Stop taking your work for granted; do it at the moment, it may take a while but it will save you from the stress.


Whenever you use a dish, do wash it after the usage. If you are using a plate, a spoon, a mug, then you should be the one to wash it. It will hardly take 30 seconds but breaking the habit of leaving the dishes dirty will save you from the dilemma later. Piling up the dirty dishes in the kitchen is not a good habit and it shows how irresponsible and contaminated you are.


Junk food, otherwise known as the fast food is the biggest distress you can give to your stomach. Have some mercy on the poor thing, your stomach deserves some decent food; these burgers and pizzas will only take you to hell. It’s an atrocity to rely on junk food; start eating healthy home cooked food and enjoy a long blooming and potent life. It will also help you save a large amount of money.


Stop killing time on lame social networking websites people. Try to do something constructive with your life instead of wasting time on movies and social networking website. You will get nothing out of them, instead read books and news paper; if you do not like reading then you have many other alternatives, gardening, painting, drawing, cooking etc. Do something which will help you increase your knowledge or skills; killing time on the internet is not the solution.


Photography is an amazing hobby but by becoming a photo addict you are violating the charm of photography. You take photos to capture some amazing moments or events of your life but this doesn’t mean that you start clicking snap of each and everything. If you spend all the time in capturing the moment then when will you enjoy the moments?


Lying is on the top when it comes to bad habit. A lie is of many kinds, sometimes it is for someone else’s good, sometimes we do it to protect ourselves and sometimes it is for your own benefit. There are times when you are too ashamed to admit the truth and you decline it; declining the truth is also a lie. A lie after all even and odds is a lie. Nothing in this world can change this fact. The day you stop lying is the day half of your worries will disappear. When a person lies about something, it is temporary; one day his mask will fade and the truth will appear on the screen.


Drinking is allowed twice a year or on some major events but not every day. Alcohol won’t reduce or ease your pain instead it will make your life a disaster. A drunk person is worst than an animal; the alcoholic are not worth respect in our society, your being an alcoholic verifies that you are a weak person and you are a coward. It signifies that you do not have the courage and guts to face your own disputes; you drink so that you can blur your memory and you won’t have to see your mistakes and problems. This will only make your life awful, alcohol is not the solution so please go out in the real world and find some valid solutions.

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