10 Awesome Things One Must Experience in Life

Life is all about making mistakes, learning, falling down and then getting up again. Life is all about trusting, being betrayed and then being able to trust again. Life is all about happiness, smile and that one moment that can turn your world upside down. Life is about getting hurt, tears and that one person who comes forward to wipe your tears. Life is about loving and forgiving, life is also about hating and revenge. Life is about a phenomenon, a theory, an experiment and then finally a scientifically proved statement.

Life is about finding that one person among millions, having silly fights, a stupid breakup and then resuming the search again with a hope that one day you will be able to find that one person among billions. Life is about second chances, broken hearts and friendship. Life is about late night laughter, a cup of coffee, an ice cream and the last slice pizza. Life is about an accident, few broken bones and complete bed rest for weeks.

In a nut shell, life is all about experiences. Every human has wisdom but these are the experiences which makes a person wise. There are thousands of things which a person must experience in life; the top ten are mentioned below:


Everyone has had many slumber parties, night outs, vacations and holidays but none of them were wild. They were all safe and secure. You cannot call them an experience; an unknown city, no contacts, no money, few friends and few days in something you call an experience. Begging for money, cleaning dishes for the leftovers, beseeching for a lift and sleeping on a street under the sky won’t be a bad experience.


Camping in jungle, as in a real wild jungle; not some baby zoo jungle with guest houses lined up. A real jungle with no facilities, no bathrooms and no luxury. Having a campfire every night and bathing in the river every morning can be some real fun. Sleeping at the mercy of flies and rummaging the entire jungle for food will be something you will never forget in your life.


A Month at a large ship in the middle of the ocean is a must. Being surrounded by such deep ocean can be a real threat; after all there are some deadly sharks and big ice burgs in the sea. We do take all the precautions but know knows; nature is unpredictable. This sword hanging at your neck 24*7 sounds deadly amazing. If you are lucky, you may get stuck at an island with your Romeo or Juliet. Love is in the air of cruise.


If you want to live on the edge, you must try mountain climbing. It requires some skill; an amateur cannot do it but it’s not that hard. Plus we do have all the parachutes and robes tied around us. When we climb a mountain, we feel as if we are really moving forward in life. Your life is like a mountain, at every point there is a risk of falling but it doesn’t mean that you stop climbing. If you think you life has stopped somewhere in the middle then you must climb a mountain.


Whenever there is big event coming up like a family wedding, or an office function a big conference, anything. People spend days planning their appearance and spend more time thinking what others will wear. How about giving everyone a big surprise; turn up in a jumpsuit or shorts with sneakers or sandal. This can be really thrilling. If someone stares at you, pretend as if nothing is wrong; if someone asks, tell them you didn’t feel like dressing up.


Everyone wants to see what death is like but of course no one wants to die. When you jump from a height of 3000 feet, all you see is your death; more clearly than ever. You won’t die of course, you will get use to the height in few seconds but those few seconds can last for a life time. Furthermore as it is said life is on land; when you go up in the sky at height of 3 thousand feet, you leave your body on earth, it is your soul that goes up to jump and after crossing a distance of 3 thousand feet you soul comes back to the land and merges with your body again. Sky diving is like taking a trip to heaven.


The earth is divided into three portions; water, land and sky. We are all familiar with life on earth and can experience the sky through sky diving. The only way to see the life on sea is scuba diving. We see different videos, read books about sea life but going down there at the base of the ocean yourself is something out of this world. There are creatures living in sea we have never ever heard about in our life. The best thing about being underwater is that you cannot hear any voice. There is no medium present for the audio waves to travel; it’s like experiences the highest stage of meditation.


Before the Airplanes were invented, it was not easy to travel for human. It took weeks and months to go from one place to another. They had to travel by land or sea. Today we have another route which is the fastest for traveling; by air. Even today there are many people who prefer to travel in their own vehicles. Some people are afraid of height or sea while others take the idea of a road trip as an adventure. A road trip comes on the top of the list when it comes to adventure. The best thing about road trips is that you get a chance to see every tree and every mountain; above all you get this really nice feeling that you are actually traveling.

2. LOVE:

Being in love is the most, amazing, splendid, magnificent, wonderful, extraordinary thing in this entire solar system. Utterly, exhaustively and madly in love; completely head over deals, the titanic type love. The happiness you find in loving someone can never ever be found in anything else. When you are in love, there is nothing more you want except your soul mate. Your life remains incomplete until you witness the craziness of love.


Start walking and go where ever the life takes, take a train, take a bus, then ask for lift, then walk as far as your legs take, stay at an unknown motel then move to another town next day. Meet strangers, take to them, discover about their lives and continue traveling until or unless your fear has died away. Cover 1000 miles without any destination; continue your journey until the anger which has been boiling inside you for years becomes comatose. Throw away all your nightmares, uneasiness, cowardice, despair. Do not go back until who have found the answers to the questions which have been fretting inside you for so long.


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