Top 10 Best Monster Trucks

Top 10 Monster Trucks
It is entertaining to watch monster trucks in action mainly because of their capability to clear any type of terrain it is driven on. If you are looking to buy one, you might want to get your facts and information about these machines right because there are way too many to choose from. Below is a list of what we think are the top 10 best monster trucks. 10. ...

Top 10 Games on Facebook

Top 10 Facebook Games Angry Birds
Facebook is not just a place where you stalk you see what your friends are up to and share photos with them and maybe poke them occasionally. There are also some useful apps and games which you can play in cooperation with your friends. You might occasionally get notifications from friends of Facebook about inviting you to different games. You might get annoyed ...

Top 10 Film Directors in the World

10. Andrea Arnold She had to overcome a couple of obstacles to make it this far up in this list. First of all, she was a female and secondly, she was into making non-genre British movies. She is known for the Oscar-winning Wasp and also Red Toad and Fish Tank. 9. Edgar Wright The trio of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost brought us the zombie comedy, or ...
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